Ava’s Story


Ava and job specialist Jocelyn with her first Ramble paycheck.

Ava moved to Boulder from New York where she participated in supported employment at Marshalls. She came to Ramble on Pearl with a dream of working independently, but had every intention of returning to her beloved Marshalls. She proudly showed us her name tag that she had kept and brought with her from New York.


Her dream came true this year when she landed a job at Marshalls near her home in Longmont. Her job includes sorting newly arrived shipments of clothing in the processing department. We couldn’t be happier that she is fulfilling her dream and making new friends at work.
Ava’s supervisor reports, “Ava has been a highly valued member of our team since day one. She is a hard worker and always has a positive attitude! We can always count on her, and we are thankful for Boulder Treasures role in introducing her to our team.”
Congratulations, Ava!

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