Kendra celebrates first Ramble paychecks with fellow apprentice Kate.

Kendra was one of our first apprentices, starting the apprenticeship program shortly after we opened in 2014. She has now been employed at REI since the spring of 2015 and is loving it there! Kendra is part of the stocking team that ensures all clothing goes on to the sales floor in an organized and timely fashion.




Kendra hard at work at REI!

Kendra says her favorite task is organizing clothes on the sales floor, but her favorite thing about working at REI is spending time with her coworkers. REI- Boulder Sales Manager Josh recently shared,

Having had Kendra on our team over the past few months has been great. I mean it; it’s been a good thing. The single best thing about REI is the people. With over 100 employees here at the Boulder store, it’s bringing a new perspective to my staff. We’ve had a real opportunity to educate our staff about the differences that we all bring to the workplace and the opportunity to work side-by-side with people of differing abilities. I walked past the break room today and Kendra was chatting with one of her co-workers during their break. It was great. She’s part of the team.”

We’re so happy for Kendra!

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