Fall 2016 Program Update

Note from the Apprentice Program Manager:

14364663_1745722522360529_6030291787211729137_nIn the spirit of the Thanksgiving season, the Apprentice Program at Ramble on Pearl wants to extend our sincerest gratitude to everyone that supports our program as we work to integrate our apprentices into independent, community employment. Our supporters come in many forms- as customers of Ramble on Pearl, monetary donors, employers of our graduates and supporters who share our story with their networks! We are proud to report that since our last newsletter in September, we now have 3 new graduates who have secured independent employment, which allows them to use their unique abilities in service to their employers. We also have several new apprentices who have joined our Apprenticeship Program and we look forward to watching them learn and grow and ultimately to find their own place of employment within the community.

Ramble wants to specifically thank King Soopers of Lafayette (Sean) and Clutter Consignment of Boulder (Penny) for being our newest community employers and the Longmont Humane Society for employing yet another of our graduates (Alexa).  Not only will they be reaping the rewards of dedicated new employees, but they are providing an opportunity for our graduates to be visible and shine in the community! The success of the Apprenticeship Program is dependent on employers who are willing to see the unique assets and skills that our apprentices possess and to believe in their potential! King Soopers of Lafayette, Clutter Consignment and the Longmont Humane Society embody the employment environments Ramble on Pearl seeks out for our graduates. Thank you!

Introducing our Job Coaches

Ramble on Pearl is grateful for the hard work and dedication of our job coaches, who provide one-on-one support for our apprentices during in-store training and our graduates transitioning to community employment. Our job coaches work as advocates for our graduates, liaisons between Ramble and the community employer, and work diligently to ensure success for all parties involved. 

Our field job coaches are Monica Egger and Brent Nicholas. In addition to helping our graduates plant roots in the community both Brent and Monica have chosen to pursue graduate degrees in helping professions. Brent and Monica are both exceptional at developing strong rapport with both supervisors and coworkers (or “natural supports”) that will allow our graduates to continue to be successful after the individual has achieved autonomy and independence.  Thank you Monica and Brent! Your on-going support makes independent community employment so much more achievable for our graduates!

We would also like to extend a warm welcome to our new in-store job coach, Megan McKean. Megan joined us at the beginning of November and her addition to our team allows us to expand our Apprenticeship Program at Ramble on Pearl. She will be working one-on-one with Apprentices in the store to ensure they are developing all of the skills and knowledge necessary to transition to independent employment. Megan has extensive experience working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities through the Out & About program with Imagine! and the Expand program with Boulder Parks and Recreation. We are blessed to have her join our team, and will be capitalizing on all of her experience and strengths to continue to grow the Apprenticeship Program.

With the recent expansion of our job coaching staff, we are excited about the opportunity to serve a larger population with employment training and placement services of the highest quality!

Thank you to everyone who participates in making the vision of our program a reality in the lives of our deserving Apprentices!

-Kristen Stejskal, Apprentice Program Manager.

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