Blue Platypus



BLUE PLATYPUS is a cornucopia of brilliant colors, soft textures and original details lovingly designed and produced entirely in sunny Los Angeles, California. For us, living the American dream means producing our clothing as close to our home as possible, so that we can reduce our environmental impact while maintaining strict control over our production to ensure superb quality.

We are an independent company with one goal – to create lasting, clever, individual products in an era of generic overseas production. It costs a bit more but we think it’s worth it.  We generate our patterns to create our original silhouettes, and we design each graphic detail. We also hand pick our brilliant dye colors that mirror our dreams and diversify wardrobes.

Many of our designs contain tiny elements waiting to be discovered under close scrutiny, often after many wears. We aim to continually intrigue and surprise our customers and ourselves with imaginative artwork crafted into washable garments which can be worn on exotic adventures or in the comfort of home.

Always independent.  Always custom.  Blue Platypus.

Vintage + Clever = Blue Platypus.

So, come on, give it a whirl!

Love, Heidi & Scooter


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