About Pistil

In 2003, a small team of friends with years in the outdoor industry launched Pistil to bring focus and sophistication to the often-overlooked, yet essential, accessories category. Inspired by the creativity and energy of its Hood River home in the Pacific Northwest, Pistil creates aesthetically vibrant accessories for the active lifestyle focused on function with a fashionable urban twist. Products include a variety of high quality hats, caps, visors, beanies, headbands, scarves, belts, handwear, and bags. All Pistil products are playful yet refined, and thoughtfully designed to make you feel good and complement your day wherever you are; whether it’s the beach, mountain, work, or anywhere in between.

Thoughtfully Designed

We believe the best creative ideas happen through a playful approach to design, and at the same time, we take the making of our things very seriously. We pay close attention to the details. It’s what we’re known for. Right down to the shape of a cap’s button, or the width of the stripes on a scarf. It’s these little things that add up to make a hat a Pistil hat. And a scarf a Pistil scarf. And we live in a naturally stunning and creatively vibrant region, known for its laid-back attitude as well as fresh, innovative energy. It all translates into the things we make.

At Pistil we work hard and play hard. Our products are inspired by the passions and travels we enjoy, and our lifestyle is amplified by the products we create. We draw insight from consumer feedback and leverage it to develop quality products we know you’ll love.

Join us by offering up your valuable feedback.  Whether it’s making a suggestion through the online form or engaging in our social media conversation—we want to hear from you. Because we are always eager to hear how you are working or playing in your most coveted accessory.


We are committed to having every aspect of our business provide a clean, safe and sustainable process that delivers enduring products that become a part of your daily life.


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