Smash 2005 S.L. is a design, distribution and retail company for woman’s wear and accessories. Born in Amsterdam at the ends of the 90’s, when the company moved to Barcelona in 2005, it became what it is now: A colorful, fun and casual fashion company.

Our Head Office as well as our Distribution Center is located in Barcelona, a city open to the sea and with a laid back, fun and cheerful lifestyle that inspires our garments and the personality of our company.

Barcelona is a colorful, happy and laid back city. This is our attitude towards life: the Happy Barcelona Style, the hallmark of many brands which have been born or raised here, like Smash!, Mismash and Paramita. Each of them has its own personality: Smash! is daring, Paramita is modern and Mismash breathes romanticism. However, all of them reflect the colors, the light and the air of the Mediterranean. Therefore, each time you wear one of our garments, you are wearing a bit of Barcelona.


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